Here’s what you need to know about 2K’s new PGA Tour 2K21

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In 2018, 2K Sports announced that it had taken over publishing for The Golf Club series of games, formally changing its name to PGA Tour 2K. With the first title, PGA Tour 2K21, set to launch next month, more and more information about the game is beginning to come out, giving us a great idea of what golfing with 2K Sports will look like.

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming golf game and what you can expect to see in it.

PGA Tour 2K21 is the latest entry in a series of golf video games that were initially known as The Golf Club. After creating three entries in that series, with the latest being The Golf Club featuring PGA Tour, 2K Sports announced that it took over publishing rights and promptly changed the upcoming games name to PGA Tour 2K21.

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Much like other sports titles, PGA Tour 2K21 promises to offer a realistic simulation golf experience, allowing players to feel like they’re really out on the course while playing. PGA Tour 2K21 will feature 12 PGA Tour pros, including the cover star Justin Thomas, and will also feature a PGA Tour career mode, course designer, and much more when it launches.

What is PGA Tour 2K21’s gameplay like?

Similar to other golfing video games, PGA Tour 2K21 will focus heavily on the realistic aspects of golf, including choosing which club to use at various points in the game, timing up shots, and more. In a brief gameplay trailer released by 2K Sports, we also get to see what the overhead camera will look like, which will allow players to get a better look at what type of terrain they will be hitting the ball onto.

One of the key aspects to being a successful golfer is how you handle a putt, and PGA Tour 2K21 looks to have that covered as well. Once on the green, PGA Tour 2K21 has a grid cover the entire green, giving you a good layout of the angles and incline of the patch of grass you’ll be shooting over. It isn’t revolutionary by any means, but it is good to see PGA Tour 2K21 giving players the full golfing experience that fans have come to expect.

What game modes does PGA Tour 2K21 have?

The NBA 2K series has become known for its wide variety of game modes and features, and it looks like PGA Tour 2K21 will be no different. Players will be able to hit the links with their friends in local and online multiplayer, run full seasons and tournaments with the Online Societies feature, and also be able to play out their dreams of becoming a PGA Tour Champion with the all new PGA Tour Career Mode.

Much like the MyCareer mode in the NBA 2K series, the PGA Tour Career Mode will allow players to create their own character and take them from humble beginnings to the ranks of greatest golfer ever. Throughout the mode, you’ll customize your MyPlayers appearance, skill, and much more, all while trying to take down the games 12 other professional golfers as you strive to become the FedEx Cup Champion.

PGA Tour 2K21 also promises to have some other modes that fans may love, including a course design mode that lets you create your own golf course. This will give players the chance to recreate some of the most iconic courses in golf history, as well as make some fun and less traditional courses as well.

When is the release date?

Players excited for PGA Tour 2K21 don’t have to wait very long, as the game is scheduled to launch soon. PGA Tour 2K21 is set to release on Aug. 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

Go pro

PGA Tour 2K21

Customize your golfer and become a champion

Test your skills against golf pros on real courses in Career Mode using a character customized to suit your style. You can also design your own dream course.

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