Here’s the fastest way to farm runes and level up in Elden Ring

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As you progress through Elden Ring’s vast open world, you’ll naturally accrue a large number of runes (experience points) from defeated enemies that you can use to level up your character and improve their stats. Leveling up is a crucial part of the game since you’ll struggle to survive against difficult foes without enough HP, mana, stamina, and damage, and if you’re having trouble against a boss or the enemies in an area, leveling up is one of the best ways to improve your combat efficiency and give you a better chance to succeed.

However, if you don’t have many runes when you feel it’s time for an upgrade, you’ll need to go farm for some. There are many ways to do this (for example, you could repeatedly kill groups of certain enemies that drop lots of runes) but the fastest and most efficient rune farm in Elden Ring is one that can be accessed from the start of the game — and it doesn’t even require you to fight. Here’s how you can easily begin farming for millions of runes in Elden Ring.

The best way to farm runes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Source: Windows Central The location of the portal that teleports you to Dragonbarrow.

The best way to farm for runes in Elden Ring is incredibly easy and doesn’t require you to fight enemies at all, though you will need to have unlocked your mount, Torrent, by finding and using at least three Sites of Grace in the open world. Before you can begin farming, though, you’ll need to reach a specific location in Elden Ring’s Dragonbarrow area.

To begin, head to the eastern corner of the water source just north of the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. There, you’ll find a small purple portal that teleports you when interacted with (the portal’s location is shown in the image above). Use the portal.

You’ll arrive in Dragonbarrow in a safe structure, just behind a miniboss guarding the entrance. You need to run past the miniboss and then continue left, running south across the small bridge to the tower. Nearby is the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace; rest at it to reset any enemies that may still be chasing you. Once you rest, face westward and look for the path that leads under an archway. Get on your mount and begin heading down that path.
Once you go beneath the arch, a giant ball will spawn behind you and attempt to roll into you. The key to making the farm work is to begin riding your mount alongside the nearby edge once the ball spawns, causing it to roll off and “die” when it misses you. This will net you 1,952 runes, and you can then immediately respawn the ball by fast traveling back to the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace. You can complete this circuit roughly five times per minute, netting you nearly 600,000 runes per hour of farming.

If you’re struggling with this farm and would prefer something that involves combat, another effective way to farm runes is to kill the five giant trolls found just south of the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace in the Stormhill area (shown above). The trolls drop 1,000 runes when killed and aren’t too difficult to take down, making this an excellent alternative farm.

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