Here’s the details on what’s coming in Gears 5 Operation 2: Free For All

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In a new blog post, The Coalition detailed exactly what fans can expect from Operation 2. There’s new multiplayer characters, maps, modes and tons of cosmetics to unlock by completing challenges throughout the Operation. You can check out The Coalition’s video on the new Operation below.

Lizzie Carmine and Damon Baird are being added as heroes for the COG, while the Swarm is getting Jermad (a Locust sniper) and the classic Locust Drone. Sometime in early 2020, this Operation will also add the Kantus priests of the Locust into the Swarm character options. Scorpio squad — consisting of Mac, Keegan and Lahni — are going to be available for use in Horde. Marcus will be jumping over and can be used in Escape mode.

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Free For All (FFA) mode is coming, pitting 14 players against each other. Three new maps have been developed specifically for FFA: Pit, Core and Nethercutt. Other new modes include Arcade Blitz and 2v2 Gnashers, the latter of which is getting two specific maps: Boxes and Foundation Mid.

Six new Escape Hives are coming, with 27 new tiles for use in the Builder mode. There are over 200 different items to earn throughout Operation 2, from character and weapon skins to executions and Iron.

All in all, Gears fans have a lot to look forward to when Operation 2: Free For All arrives. It’s currently scheduled to release on December 11.

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