Here’s one of the best and most underrated One UI 5.0 features

Samsung’s new One UI 5.0 is great. It feels as though the company took the time to optimize performance and improve the user experience with minor but meaningful changes and additions. By now, you’ve probably heard about the latest changes to the Camera and Gallery apps, the expanded Material You color palette, and the redesigned lock screen customization menus. But if I were to pick one change introduced by One UI 5.0 that doesn’t get enough attention, it would have to be the new “Connected devices” menu inside the Settings app.

One UI 5.0 has made some sensible changes to the Settings app layout, and I feel like one of the most underrated addition is the new Connected devices menu. Simply put, it neatly organizes everything that has to do with your Galaxy phone or tablet connecting to other devices, and it just makes sense.

The unsung hero of Samsung’s One UI 5.0 update

The Connected devices settings menu is a relatively small addition to One UI 5.0. But it is a testament to Samsung’s recent attempts to streamline the user experience in the best possible ways. This new menu is easy to read and just as easy to access. It contains everything you need to control your connected devices, from Galaxy Wearables, SmartThings, Smart View (which lets you mirror TV content to your Galaxy device), and Quick Share to Samsung DeX, Link to Windows, Android Auto, and more.

Once you notice this feature, it quickly becomes obvious that everything related to connections to other devices should have always resided within the same menu — as opposed to all these options spreading out throughout the Settings app and quick toggles. Not only does the Connected devices menu in One UI 5.0 makes these features easier to reach, but it pushes them more into the spotlight, increasing the chance of Galaxy device users putting these great features to good use more often.

Again, this new addition to the Settings app hasn’t redefined One UI completely. But I believe it is a perfect example of how the user experience can and should be streamlined in some areas. In my mind, adding this “Connected devices” settings menu makes a lot of sense, and I think it deserves a bit of time in the spotlight. Sometimes, small things can lead to unexpectedly positive outcomes, and I believe this might be one of them.

If you want to see more One UI 5.0 features in action, you can check out our videos below.

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