Here’s how to get all your worlds ready for Minecraft’s ‘Nether Update’

Thousands of games have been released over decades of hard work, but few games are as notorious for their frequent updates as Minecraft. Speaking of Microsoft’s creative sandbox behemoth, Minecraft is prepping its latest major update: the Nether Update. The Nether Update promises some huge changes to Minecraft’s fiery dimension, known as the Nether, that hasn’t seen much action since its debut almost 10 years ago. Because of these alterations, many players are understandably concerned about the worlds they’ve invested countless hours into. Will these older worlds be left behind when the Nether gets a shiny new update? Of course not! Here’s how to prep your older worlds for the upcoming ‘Nether Update.’

How do you prep your old worlds in Minecraft?

Prepping your old worlds for the Nether Update isn’t nearly as complicated as it might have been in the past, and it’s not much of a hassle. With older versions of Minecraft, any big updates to the game might have involved starting new worlds or even resetting the Nether and End dimensions, leading to players losing anything they had done in those areas. With the Bedrock and Java Editions of Minecraft today, this isn’t necessary anymore, because maps are essentially endless.

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This means that Minecraft can simply pull in new content and features whenever it generates new bits of land in the game. Minecraft generates areas in pieces called chunks, which are 16 blocks by 16 blocks. Whenever a player gets close to the current border of the world, Minecraft generates new chunks outside of that border before the player even realizes something is happening. When the Nether Update arrives, just exploring new parts of the Nether will be enough to generate chunks including all-new content and features.

All you have to do to prep your old worlds for Minecraft is:

  • Make sure your world is set to Infinite. To find out how to do this, simply follow the steps outlined in this guide. This option can turn any of your old worlds into the newer Infinite type, so you can take advantage of new features and biomes. Keep in mind, this is a one-way change, so it can’t be reversed.
  • Avoid exploring the Nether. Until the Nether Update is released later this year, it’s probably best to avoid exploring the Nether further. The more of the Nether you explore, the harder it’ll be to find all the new biomes and areas coming in the Nether Update.

If you’re playing on an older version of Minecraft, like on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, there should be an option in the world’s settings to reset the Nether. This option existed before Infinite worlds were the norm so that players could start with a clean slate without losing their progress in the Overworld. Keep in mind, if you do this you’ll lose everything you’ve done in the Nether, including all building and exploring. If you have any chests or resources stashed, it’s best to grab them before doing this.

Better safe than sorry

As long as you follow this guide, you’ll be set for when Mojang releases the Nether Update later this year. Until then, tide yourself over with all the fun things you can do in Minecraft already, like play with bees! I know I’ll be waiting anxiously for an excuse to revisit Minecraft’s version of Hell, because there’s nothing more fun than being constantly terrified.

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