Here’s how to catch shiny Temtem

Luma Temtem

Source: Crema

Similar to shinies in the Pokémon games, Temtem allows you to capture and breed rare, alternately-colored creatures known as Luma Temtem. However, unlike shiny Pokémon, these special creatures often have better stats than their normal versions. That means that not only do they look sleek, but they’re more powerful than regular Temtem. If that’s not a reason to go hunting for Lumas than I don’t know what is.

We’ve rounded up our top tips to help you acquire these uncommon creatures.

A few things to know about Luma hunting

Luma Platypet

Source: Windows/Central (Left) Regular Platypet, (Right) Luma Platypet.

Luma Temtem are incredibly rare with only a 1/6000 chance of spawning in the wild. If you’re serious about getting a Luma, you’re likely going to have to dedicate several (if not hundreds) of hours to Temtem catching in order to obtain one. Luma Temtem all have very different coloring from their normal variants, so they’re easy to detect. Some will be surrounded by shimmering stars when they appear, and most will have a neon blue outline making their rarity clear.

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All Lumas have at least three perfect stats known as Single Values (SVs). A typical Temtem’s SVs are randomly generated for each stat ranging in value between 1 and 50 and can only be changed by using rare items. Since Lumas are guaranteed to have at least three maxed out SVs, they tend to be more powerful than their normal-looking variants.

How to increase chances of finding a Luma

Temtem Luma Skunch

Source: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central This Luma Skail is black with a blue outline.

Since the game is still so new and in early access, we don’t know if there are ways to increase your chances of coming across a Luma in the wild. However, Crema, the developer behind Temtem, has indicated that players that reach the end of the game will stumble upon an area where the chance of finding a Luma significantly increases.

Breeding Luma Temtem

Temtem breeding

Source: Crema Breeding this regular Gazuma and regular Paharac led to a Luma Ganki offspring.

There’s a lot that goes into Temtem breeding, but we’ll just focus on how to get a Luma Temtem using this method. If two regular Temtem breed, the chances of their egg hatching a Luma are still 1/6000. However, if you already have a Luma and you breed it with a regular Temtem, the odds of the egg being a Luma are 1/600. Finally, if both parents are Luma, the chance of their offspring being Luma are 1/60. Those are some pretty good odds.
Temtem Parents Luma odds
Regular + Regular 1/6000
Regular + Luma 1/600
Luma + Luma 1/60
The good news here is that if you have multiple friends playing Temtem, one of you might come across a Luma. You can then trade the Luma amongst yourselves and use it to breed in the chance of hatching another Luma. Once you’ve got one, the chance of hatching another one significantly increases.

Shiny Temtem

Now you know the odds for coming across Luma Temtem. There are potentially other ways to get these unique-colored creatures, but we’ll have to keep investigating to discover more. Additionally, since the game is still in early access, it’s possible that Luma mechanics could change between now and when the game officially launches.

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