Here’s how much a Galaxy Z Flip screen replacement will cost

Foldable phones haven’t been around for long, and the technical challenges of making them right now means that any sort of major repair will be a costly affair. Since the foldable display is the most important aspect of a foldable device, it’s only natural that getting the screen replaced can be quite expensive. And now, we know just how much a screen repair/replacement on Samsung’s new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, will cost.In Korea, getting the folding screen replaced will set Galaxy Z Flip owners back by 753,000 won (~$640). In the US, you will need to shell out $499 for the folding screen and $149 for the 1.1-inch cover display. Ironically, the considerably larger cover display on the Galaxy Fold currently costs the same amount to repair, though its main display’s repair cost is $100 higher at $599. For getting the Galaxy Z Flip’s shiny rear glass panel replaced, you will need to shell out $99.Like it did for the Galaxy Fold, Samsung will be offering a one-time screen replacement at a discounted rate. The discounted screen repair will cost 225,900 won in Korea. In the US, it will cost $119, as long as the device is purchased before December 31, 2020. In comparison, the discounted screen replacement for the Galaxy Fold’s main display was — and still is — priced at $149. Basically, while the Galaxy Z Flip is $600 cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, there isn’t a lot of difference in how much you will have to spend when you want to get the screens on either of them repaired.

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