Here’s how enchantments stack on weapons and armor in Minecraft Dungeons

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Minecraft Dungeons forgoes traditional class-based systems in favor of a per-gear upgrade system involving enchantments. These enchantments can drastically alter your weapon or armor’s power levels and abilities, and dictates what kind of playstyle your Minecraft Dungeons character will have. However, with some gear having up to three enchantment slots, is it possible to stack multiple enchantments of the same type for increased effect?

Here’s everything you need to know about stacking enchantments on weapons and armor in Minecraft Dungeon, which is already among the best games on Xbox One.

Do enchantments stack on weapons and armor in Minecraft Dungeons?

All of your gear an have up to three enchantment slots for power-ups and upgrades, and each slot randomly pulls up to three different choices for each slot from a pool of possible enchantments that gear can have. This method does mean there’s a strong possibility of duplicate enchantments across the three slots, and players can choose to double or even triple up these enchantments. But do you actually gain anything from doing this? After careful study and consideration, we’ve found that the answer is a resounding “Yes! But…”

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Enchantments can, and do, stack in Minecraft Dungeons, but it’s not always guaranteed, and it’s not always in the same way. Some enchantments won’t stack at all (if they’d be too powerful, or if it wouldn’t make sense), while others stack but maybe not in the way you’d think. Stacking bonuses can come in the strength of the ability, or the chance for it to activate, or even in reduced cooldowns. Not only that, but stacking isn’t always a straight roll either. If you stack an enchantment three times, you won’t necessarily get a three times bonus on that enchantment.

Even more uncertain is how different enchantments can interact with each other. One of the magical parts of Minecraft Dungeons is the unique and fun ways enchantments can meld with other enchantments, resulting in beautiful synergies that can lead to interesting combos and strategies. A great example of this is how to create an emerald and XP farm in Minecraft Dungeons, which takes advantage of this. We can’t help you with this part, but part of the joy of the game is experimenting with various combinations to find something wthat works for you.

It can be hard to know which enchantments will stack and how without hours of research, but we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you. You can find a list of enchantments below, if they stack, and how they stack with each other.

Which enchantments stack and multiply with each other in Minecraft Dungeons?

Not every enchantment can stack in Minecraft Dungeons, and not all of them stack in the same way. Below, I’ve organized tables divided between melee weapons, ranged weapons, and armor enchantments. Every enchantment listed in the table can be stacked, so if you don’t see the one you’re looking for, it probably can’t stack (but it might be able to combine in fun ways with other enchantments!) I’ve also included information on how the enchantment stacks, so you can decide if it’s worth it or not. For example, Radiance (a very powerful healing enchantment that’s vital for some builds), only increases the amount healed, not the chance for it to be activated.

Melee enchantments

Ranged enchantments

Armor enchantments

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