Here’s everything Samsung is doing to improve sustainability of its products

At its CES 2023 keynote event, Samsung announced several products across home appliances, smartphones, and TVs. The company also unveiled its strategies and sustainability goals alongside its new products. Over the past few years, Samsung has been doing a lot in terms of a positive environmental impact and sustainability.

The company’s latest Bespoke home appliances lineup features built-in SmartThings Energy, which analyzes the device’s use over time and then adjusts its settings to reduce power consumption. With the help of data from over 80 million SmartThings-compatible home appliances, the company has learned how to reduce its carbon footprint.

Samsung’s new home appliances with SmartThings AI Energy Mode can save up to 35% of power

Samsung Washing Machine Energy Savings

With the new AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy, the company is offering energy savings to more devices and regions. The company claims that it offers up to 15% more energy savings for compatible refrigerators, up to 20% better energy efficiency for compatible ACs, and up to 35% less energy consumption for compatible washers (on select cycles).

Samsung SmartThings Energy SHEMS Certification

SmartThings Energy is the first mass-market solution to get the US EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) SHEMS (Smart Home Energy Management Systems) certification. It not only helps consumers save on energy bills but also allows countries to reduce their overall energy needs and carbon footprint.

Samsung’s Smart Project city in the US has a net-zero design

Samsung Smart City Project Sterling Ranch USA

Along with Sterling Ranch and Siemens, Samsung has designed a Smart City Project in Littleton, Colorado, which will house 30,000 people. SmartThings Energy will be the primary app for those residents. It will offer real-time insights into the residents’ energy, water, and natural gas use. The community has solar panels and household batteries to produce and store energy, while smart appliances reduce energy and water consumption. The Smart City Project will have a net-zero lifestyle.

New SmartThings-compatible washing machines from Samsung reduce microplastic emissions by up to 54%

Samsung Washing Machine 2023 Microplastic Reduction

Samsung’s new washers feature Less Microfiber Cycle and Filter features. Designed in collaboration with Patagonia, these features stop microplastics from the laundry from being released into the water and help save the environment. The South Korean firm claims that the Less Microfiber Cycle cuts microplastic emissions by up to 54%. Washing machines with the new feature are already available in Europe, and will be launched in South Korea in February and later in the US.

The company’s washers and refrigerators have class-leading 20-year warranties so users can use the appliances for a longer period of time. The Bespoke lineup of home appliances has customizable panels, offering users a longer life for their products.

Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the R&D Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “The technologies we’re unveiling at CES 2023 place sustainability at the core of the user experience. Our ambition is to become the most energy-efficient appliance brand globally, and our latest products and partnerships will help make sustainable living a reality for more people and more communities.

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