Here is the new GSMArena Android app update – Black Friday edition

The latest build of the official GSMArena app is here, prepared with plenty of love and attention. The release just happens to coincide with the shopping frenzy that is now essentially the week leading to Black Friday, and we thought we would get in on the fun. So, how do you make an already free app a better deal? Well, we removed all the ads!

We have been developing on an in-depth price tracking feature for our phone database lately, and we’ve now decided to try financing the app through affiliate links alone. That way, you get an ad-free and zero distraction mobile version of GSMArena, and the retailers pick up the slack – it is a win-win.

You can get to our deals section from phone specs pages and also find it in widgets scattered in convenient locations around the site. We strive to always find the best possible offers for you, but keep in mind that the tool is still in its infancy so some bugs are to be expected.

Dark mode and price tracking Dark mode and price tracking Dark mode and price tracking
Dark mode and price tracking

On the UI side of the GSMArena app we’ve added a new Black mode. Beyond being a cool Black Friday treat, a darker black mode has been a highly requested feature, and it’s finally here. We hope all of you OLED, late-night readers will find it useful. We have been preaching the benefits of darker UIs on phones for years now, so it only makes sense for us to put our code where our mouths are.

Naturally, beyond the visible changes, there are plenty of optimizations and bug-fixes in the new version 1.1 of the GSMArena app. If you previously had some issues with the app, we encourage you to give it another try.

And if you still have problems or suggestions, make sure to leave them in the comment section. Feel like sending some love our way for the hard work? Make sure you give us a top app rating on the Play Store.

And speaking of Google’s app repository, this is where you will find the GSMArena 1.1 app. A full rollout does take some time, so be patient. Eventually, an update notification should pop-up. Thank you for all the support!


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