Here are the Galaxy Z Flip’s cover display functions, detailed by Samsung

Despite its uniqueness, the Galaxy Z Flip’s design is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require a detailed explanation, at least for the most part. But the cover display is an unusual component. It’s something that’s never been seen on a Samsung smartphone before, at least not in this minimalist fashion, and it demands a closer look for it to be fully understood. To this end, Samsung has published a new video detailing the features of the Galaxy Z Flip cover display.Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which ships with a more familiar 4.6-inch cover display that delivers a phone-like experience, the Galaxy Z Flip’s exterior panel measures only 1.1 inches. Its functionality is more limited, to say the least. You can’t type on it, open apps (except for Camera), or browse the web, but it does offer a few hidden functions to make the user experience of the Galaxy Z Flip owner a bit better.The Galaxy Z Flip’s cover display offers the bare essentialsDouble-tapping the Galaxy Z Flip’s cover display will wake it to reveal a minimalist status bar, complete with the time of day, date, and battery level. Swiping right will let you check your notifications, while swiping left gives access to music controls including play previous track, play/pause, and play next track. Swipe left when you receive a call and you can reject it. Last but not least, you can double-press the Side Key to open the Camera app and turn the cover display in a mini viewfinder for selfie shots. In this mode, the volume key acts as a shutter button.Check out Samsung’s official video below, and if you want to learn more about the Galaxy Z Flip and our thoughts on the cover display, feel free to check our review.

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