Here are the best Xbox Cloud Gaming controller deals this week

It’s Black Friday Xbox deals week, and if you were looking for a mobile controller to get gaming on the Xbox Cloud, look no further. The Xbox Cloud Gaming line-up has more titles now than ever, with Xbox adding more and more games to the service on their Day One releases.

The Razer Kishi is heavily discounted, and Gamesir has multiple controllers on sale. Before you buy, check out our round-up of the best controllers for Xbox Cloud Gaming. It’s worth mentioning that the current generation Xbox controller will also work with your phone, but to really take your Cloud Gaming to the next level and transform your mobile into a gaming powerhouse, check out these controllers. 

One of our top picks for mobile gaming, the Razer Kishi is currently more than half-price at Amazon. For both comfort and value at this crazy price, the Razer Kishi is one of the best controllers you can currently get for turning your mobile into the ultimate Xbox hand-held. Razer has years of experience in the gaming peripheral field and that shows with this controller which clips into your Android device with a USB-C connector, and also comes in an iPhone edition. No Bluetooth connection to fiddle with which also provides low latency.

The buttons are arranged in the classic ABXY layout, and the asymmetrical thumbsticks perfectly reproduce the Xbox configuration. With a pass-through for charging while you play and a compact design, this is truly the perfect choice for gaming on the move.

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GameSir has a few options in the sales, and we’ll start with the GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller. The Gamesir X2 controller actually trumped the Razer Kishi when we reviewed it, as outside of the sales it’s much cheaper than its competitor. The GameSir X2 also fits many more mobile phones than the Razer Kishi and some even without removing your phone case. The controller also features the asymmetric joystick style of the Xbox controllers and connects via USB-C for low latency Xbox Cloud Gaming. The inclusion of a screenshot button makes this controller stand out against the competition, and while perhaps not as comfortable as the Razer Kishi, the buttons and triggers have a more satisfying click. 

There’s also the Gamesir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller which we’ve listed second as while the Pro may be more appealing, the discount is currently only available to Prime subscribers. The GameSir X2 Pro improved upon the X2 in terms of build quality and ergonomics and added the official Xbox home button for familiarity. It also features two mappable paddles on the rear, to meet the expectations of a ‘Pro’ branded controller. 

The Backbone One is the best mobile controller you can get for iPhone. being that it’s specifically designed for it and there isn’t an android version on the market yet. Simply slide your iPhone in between the rubberized grips and the controller wirelessly uses power from your iPhone. If you’re worried about charging though there is a pass-through port for charging while you play.  The stand-out feature of the Backbone though is its impressive app that turns your iPhone into a gaming console with minimal clicks. There’s even a social app that almost mimics the experience of Xbox Live with it’s chatrooms and groups, and you can share your gameplay with friends. 

The Nacon MG-X Pro differs from our other examples as its design is almost like an Xbox controller split down the middle, the size and ergonomics mimic the current-gen controllers pretty well and this is a more comfortable pick for those with larger hands who may find other options uncomfortable for long periods. The Nacon MG-X connects via Bluetooth which can add to latency issues that you would want to avoid with Xbox Cloud Gaming, but it really depends on the games you want to play. 

There are still more days of sale madness to go, and we’re hoping to see more discounts and/or more controllers added into the mix. We’ll keep this list updated with our finds. Keep an eye on the best Xbox Black Friday deals in our live blog too for the latest updates. 

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