Here are the best Minecraft Black Friday deals right now

Minecraft Black Friday deals
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Black Friday appears to start earlier every year, so there’s never a bad time to start looking for incredible deals and getting ahead on your holiday shopping plans. Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world, loved by millions all over the world, so it’s easy to find something Minecraft-related to appease anyone in your life. The best Minecraft toys and gifts are great, but we’re constantly hunting for the most lucrative Minecraft Black Friday deals to save you money around the Holidays.

Lego Minecraft The First Adventure Reco

The perfect start:
LEGO Minecraft — The First Adventure (542 pieces)

Staff Pick

Appropriately named, The First Adventure is a perfect beginner’s Minecraft LEGO set. This collection features a healthy mix of pieces, LEGO mini-figures, and more to get started with building the ultimate Minecraft creations out of LEGO. There’s plenty to be done with this set, and it can be found for a pretty decent price.

Minecraft Lego Redstone Battle Reco

Redstone wars:
LEGO Minecraft — Redstone Battle (504 pieces)

Minecraft has had great success translating into LEGO, and this set is no exception. Coming from the Minecraft Dungeons side of Minecraft, Redstone Battle gives you very cool figures of a redstone golem and the Redstone Monstrosity, as well as tons of mini-figures to flesh out your collection.

Minecraft Lego End Battle Reco

The End of LEGO:
LEGO Minecraft — End Battle (222 pieces)

Minecraft’s LEGO rendition of the final battle between the player and the End Dragon comes to life in this smaller set, which gives you a great End Dragon figure, an enderman, another mini-figure, and even an in-game character skin that you can use in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Lego Blaze Bridge Reco

Burning bridges:
LEGO Minecraft — Blaze Bridge (372 pieces)

This LEGO Minecraft set takes things to the Nether, with a new mini-figure wielding full diamond gear, a wither skeleton, a blaze, and a portion of a terrifying Nether Fortress with lava, traps, and moving pieces. This is a fun build, with a good number of pieces for the price.

Minecraft Lego Pillager Outpost Reco

Villagers and pillagers:
LEGO Minecraft — Pillager Outpost (303 pieces)

Another great way to flesh out your mini-figure collection with some fantastic additions, this LEGO Minecraft set features a makeshift pillager outpost with a new mini-figure, two pillagers, a sheep, and an iron golem (who may or may not be caged), as well as a hidden trap.

Minecraft Twin Bed Set Reco

Minecraft comfort:
Minecraft Isometric Bed Set

For the most avid Minecraft fans, consider this customized bed set, either for Full or Twin size beds, decked out in a glorious Minecraft pattern. This bedset includes a comforter, two sheets, and at least one pillowcase, and is sure to make your child happy when it’s time for bed.

The best Minecraft discounts

Right now, many of the best Minecraft deals are LEGO, but these sales are likely to evolve and expand as time goes on. That being said, LEGO and Minecraft are a practically perfect pairing, with endless possibilities the bread and butter of both legendary brands. The best Minecraft LEGO set right now is The First Adventure, which caters to beginners with various pieces and a ton of ways to play. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the Minecraft LEGO sets currently on sale, especially since LEGO can appeal to people of all ages.

For those looking to shop beyond Minecraft LEGO, the adorable Minecraft bed set is another fantastic choice. This bed set, which comes in Full and Twin sizes, is sure to make any young Minecraft fan ecstatic. There are plenty of other Minecraft toys, figures, books, merch, and accessories out there, with more being made every day, but we’re still keeping our eyes peeled for the best Minecraft deals as they come. Check back in regularly for more fantastic sales and discounts on the best Minecraft gifts!

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