Here are all the Motorola phones getting the Android 11 OS update

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Motorola Phones Android 11 Update Schedule

Motorola has also been busy this year with new phones. They may not be a lot but the Android community still looks forward to whatever the brand offers. There are models already lined up for next year. Meanwhile, those units currently in the market are about to get Android 11 OS so that’s good news to Motorola phone owners. It’s a major update from Motorola as the new OS is meant to optimize the Moto Android phones and improve the system and performance.

Android 11 OS will deliver enhanced device controls, more efficient ways to manage conversations, improved privacy settings, and more. When it comes to managing conversations, the update brings new Chat Bubbles and Conversations. You can soon be able to manage different conversations across different message apps with Android 11.

Managing conversations may include viewing, replying, and controlling messages. You can use multiple messaging apps and control them from one location. Priority conversations can also be selected or marked so they can show up on your phone’s lockscreen. This way, no important chat is missed when you get the Android 11 update.

One’s data can be controlled. Set up one-time permissions for when you want or how you want your data to be shared. Important apps like camera, location, or microphone may be given one-time permissions on Android 11. This makes things more private and secure because permission is only given when needed.

From your Moto phone, other smart and media devices can also be controlled. Media controls are a special feature of the new Android platform. From your Android 11-powered phone, you can control other connected devices located in one place. Mainly, once your Moto phone is updated to Android 11, it can help you manage your other devices at home. With a single long press of the power button, you can easily view and manage all connected gadgets. It’s that easy with Android 11.

Motorola has listed all the Moto phones and Lenovo devices that can be updated to Android 11. Here are the models:

• Motorola Razr 5G, Motorola Razr 2019
• Motorola edge, Motorola edge+
• Motorola one 5G, Motorola one action, Motorola one fusion, Motorola one fusion+, Motorola one hyper, Motorola one vision
• Moto G 5G, Moto G 5G plus, Moto G fast, Moto G power, Moto G pro, Moto G stylus, Moto G9, Moto G9 play, Moto G9 plus, Moto G9 power,Moto G8, Moto G8 power
• Lenovo K12 Note

Do note that release of the Android 11 OS update will still depend on the carrier and country. Expect related local announcements will be made. At least, you now know if your Moto phone is still eligible for Android 11 or not.

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