Has Microsoft already teased the next name for Windows?

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Since Microsoft announced its Windows event on June 24, and even for some time before that, people have speculated about the name of the next version of Windows. We’ve run a poll on it, have an editorial arguing why Microsoft should name it Windows 11, and look forward to any official word from Microsoft. But before we hear anything official, some people believe that Microsoft has already teased the Windows 11 name.

Microsoft’s still image for the event has a window and two blocks of light below it. One could argue that the blocks of light look a bit like the number “11,” though that’s a bit of a stretch. The video version of the image seems a bit more clear. That video could easily continue its motion of the blocks getting thinner to create an 11. Notably, the crossbar of the window doesn’t cast a shadow within the blocks.

The event to show off the next generation of Windows also starts at 11 AM ET, which isn’t the same starting time as most Microsoft events. Some around the web believe that this is a hint at Microsoft moving to the Windows 11 name.

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Of course, this could all be us looking for a hint that isn’t there, as joked about by our executive editor Daniel Rubino on Twitter.

Do you think the image teases the name of the next version of Windows? Let us know in the comments below.

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