Halo: The Master Chief Collection update increases experience gain cap

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Halo developer 343 Industries has announced on Twitter that the cap on how much experience you can gain per match in both the Xbox One and PC versions of Halo: The Master Chief Collection have been raised by 150 percent in a small update. The cap was previously 8,000 experience per match; it is now 12,000. This change will be felt by everyone playing multiplayer modes, although folks who are playing Firefight and Big Team Battle will likely notice it the most since hitting max experience is a cakewalk in those playlists.

This change is incredibly appreciated, especially since the Halo community has been critical of the rate at which they are able to level up and unlock new pieces of armor to customize their characters with. This is the primary reason many players have resorted to AFK farming overnight to get more experience, so hopefully that behavior will cease after this update. Currently, this change will only affect Halo: Reach as it’s the only title in the collection with an experience-based progression system in place. That will change over time as 343 Industries develops one for each game in the Master Chief Collection as part of its effort to bring every title in it to PC, though.

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available now for $40 on Steam and the Windows 10 Store, and for $30 on Xbox One. If you buy on PC, every title in the collection will be unlocked automatically for you as they release over time. Now that Halo: Reach is out, the next title coming is Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The first public test flights are currently planned for February.

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