Halo: Reach gets festive Double XP event, lasts until January 6

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The arrival of Halo: Reach on PC, as well as on the Xbox One as part of the Master Chief Collection, has caused the Halo community as a whole to become reinvogorated and excited for the future of the franchise. To celebrate the good vibes, developer 343 Industries has launched an “Ugly Sweater” event for Halo: Reach on both Xbox One and PC. This event runs until January 6 and allows players to earn double the XP that they normally do from all experience sources.

On top of Double XP, the event also gives players an opportunity to earn a special festive-themed ugly sweater nameplate for their in-game profile. Once the event concludes, 343 Industries will grant the nameplate to your account if you met the unlock criteria. To get the nameplate, you need to do one of the following:

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  • Complete 10 matches of Matchmaking or Firefight on snowy maps (Sword Base, Solitary, Glacier)
  • Beat the par score on Campaign missions with snowy environments (ONI Sword Base, The Package)

If you own the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, you can alternatively get the nameplate by completing these same objectives in snowy maps from the other Halo games.

Personally, I love the idea for this event, as I think allowing players to rank up faster and earn their armor is a great way to give back to the community for the holiday season. Plus, the ugly sweater nameplate will be a nice customization option for players who want to give their Halo profile some festive flair.

Halo: Reach is available for $10 on Steam and the Windows 10 Store, as well as on Xbox One as part of the Master Chief Collection.

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Halo: Reach has arrived on both the Xbox One version of the Master Chief Collection as well as on PC, giving old and new players alike an opportunity to experience the fan-favorite on powerful modern hardware.

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