Halo Infinite box art puts new grappling hook front and center

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Microsoft has provided our first look at box art for Halo Infinite, the long-awaited next entry in the sci-fi shooter franchise. The iconic armored warrior, Master Chief, takes center stage after an almost five-year hiatus, with the title scheduled to launch this holiday in tandem with the next-generation Xbox Series X. And while our first Halo Infinite gameplay debuts on July 23, the latest artwork provides a potential glimpse into a significant gameplay shakeup.

The artwork packs all the staples of Halo’s heyday, dominated by the same dreamy landscapes akin to the original Halo: Combat Evolved cover. The Chief also sports refreshed armor, with what appears to include an arm-mounted grappling hook.

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The presumed grappling hook suggests a sizeable gameplay shakeup poised for Halo Infinite, likely to toy with heightened verticality through exploration and combat. As shown by titles like Just Cause or Spider-Man, the grappling hook can hugely boost gameplay fluidity when done right. That’s not only with improvements to agility but also opening potential opportunities in combat.

Exact implications on Halo Infinite remain purely speculation, but those teasers suggest a return to open-ended level design, and towering structures to explore. A grappling-aided Chief could be a welcome franchise addition, slinging into the next generation smoother than ever.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to receive its full gameplay deep-dive on July 23, as a part of the Xbox Games Showcase live show.

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