Gyoza the pug contributes to the sounds and noises in Halo Infinite

Recording sounds for video games (or any work, really) is always an interesting process. When dealing with unknowable, alien worlds and strange creatures, Audio Designers have to get really creative in using what’s available to create something strange and new.

As such, this post from 343 Industries on Instagram is a neat little insight into the process behind the scenes. A pug named Gyoza is evidently good friends with the studio’s Technical Art Director, and is being used to record different sounds for Halo Infinite. Will these sounds go through post-processing to become the nightmarish cries of an alien beast? Or remain unaltered and used for some cute animal companion? We’ve no idea but take a look anyways.

For more information on Halo Infinite, you can check out an interesting teaser that a fan spotted. Halo Infinite is currently aimed for release in 2020 as a launch title for Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console. The game will also release on Xbox One and PC and will be included in Xbox Game Pass.

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