Grounded’s Shroom and Doom Update is now available to everyone

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Grounded 0.10.0 Shroom And Doom Update Key ArtSource: Obsidian Entertainment | Xbox

The Grounded 0.10.0 Shroom and Doom Update is part of a larger effort from Obsidian to deliver more significant content releases to Grounded, and includes a long list of new features, changes, and more. Some of the highlights of the Shroom and Doom Update include:

  • Harvestable mushrooms. All mushrooms in the game are now harvestable for both food and crafting material. If you obtain a specific BURG.L Chip, you’ll be able to turn harvested mushroom into sturdy mushroom bricks, used for crafting full-on castle-like bases.
  • Broodmother boss. Grounded’s first proper boss is here, and it’s terrifying. The Broodmother is a massive and horrific spider that will rightfully make some people turn away from the screen (good thing Grounded has an Arachnophobia Mode.
  • Pets. Players have been asking for pets in Grounded for ages, and now they’re here. Players can now tame weevils or aphids, and even name them. Obsidian seems to think something terrible will inevitably happen to your pets, though.
  • New lab. The Haze Lab, which is still a work-in-progress, can now be accessed in Grounded. You’ll want to explore here for new BURG.L Chips and story content, but beware of the new hazards found in this lab.
  • Achievements. Grounded’s Game Preview officially supports Xbox Achievements, so you can earn Gamerscore for playing the game and completing challenges.
  • So much more! There’s truly a huge amount of new content in the latest Grounded update, like new weapons, building pieces, crafting recipes, and so much more. Fortunately, Obsidian has provided the full changelog that includes every change you need to know about.

Grounded is one of the best Xbox survival games already, and the Shroom and Doom Update just made it bigger and grander in so many ways. There’s a lot of new content to explore here, so it’s good that the Shroom and Doom Update is available now for Grounded on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

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