GreedFall’s launch trailer promises an adventure full of monsters

Developer Spiders is no stranger to action-RPGs after the release of The Technomancer a few years ago, but the studio is hoping to take what it learned and make an even more ambitious and better RPG with GreedFall. And you can play it very, very soon.

The mysterious and magical island of Teer Fradee looms on the horizon, a beacon of hope for your disease-ridden homeland. Uneasy relationships simmer between the island’s many factions, both settler and native, as you arrive as a diplomat and seeker of a cure.

Freedom and the power to choose both lie at the heart of GreedFall. Whether deciding which companion’s personality and skills make them best suited to joining you on your quest, or how to customize every aspect of your equipment to look and play the way you want – GreedFall lets you decide. Tensions between the island’s factions teeter before a precipice – how will you tip the scales of destiny?

GreedFall releases on September 10, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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