GreedFall crashes for Xbox One X Insiders, here’s a workaround

GreedFall is a role-playing game (RPG) that focuses on choices. Unlike many other titles out there, you can’t complete every objective because everything is a choice. You can either help one person or the other. You can either approach a combat situation one way or the other. In order to experience it all, you’ll need to play it multiple times.

If you’re on an Xbox One X and are part of the Xbox One Preview Program, you may want to unenroll. It seems like those who are playing the game on 4K resolution and are Xbox Insiders can’t launch the game. The workaround appears to be to set your console’s output to 1080p or less and play the game, but that deprives you of the gorgeous high-resolution visuals which are either 1440p or 1800p on the machine.

We’re in touch with Focus Home Interactive and a spokesperson told us that the developer was aware of the problem and working towards a solution. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when a patch to fix the Xbox One Preview problem will hit the game. It may be a few days or more.

In Windows Central’s review, Brendan Lowry said, “Despite the lacking dialogue system and the issues with the game’s presentation and performance, I still think any fan of RPGs should check out GreedFall. It’s an impressive title that manages to mostly achieve its goal of being a blend of several RPG design styles, and the result is an experience most players will enjoy quite a bit.”

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GreedFall delivers an experience that is as satisfying as it is ambitious, although it does falter in some notable ways.

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