Grado GT220 true wireless headphones offer signature sound

Grado GT220 True Wireless Earbuds

This is the first time we’re featuring Grado here. The brand is a premium audio company that is slowly making a name in the audio industry. Its first venture in the true wireless earbuds game is here: the Grade GT220. This new pair of wireless earbuds deliver the signature sound from Grado but comes from a small, wireless form factor. The two earpieces can be charged via their own charging case. When fully charged, the pair can last up 36 hours.

Grado is remembered by audiophiles for its Prestige series and reference headphones. If you are looking for your first pair of wireless earbuds or an alternative to your already worn-out pair, you may consider this one from Grado.

The company said it has worked hard on the pair for several years. The designers didn’t want to deliver something that’s been rushed. This pair promises ‘vocality and depth’ even if it’s very small.

The Grado GT220 is described with neutral and musical midrange response without any coloration. The bass is excellent and definite while high-frequency is nature. Grado has spent a lot of time tuning and fitting the signature mini-drives for the headphones.

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