Grab this anti-fray mousepad deal, because your mouse is worth it

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If you grabbed yourself a gaming mouse for the holidays, or if you already have a mouse that you love, you need to make sure you get a mousepad to match. Why spend all that money on a great mouse to use it on a poor mousepad, or worse, straight on your desk (🤢). The Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is built for high performance and optimized for gaming sensors. Best yet, the Corsair MM300 mousepad is half price for Cyber Monday, bringing it down to just $15.

The Corsair MM300 mousepad has a textile-weave surface designed for precise mouse control. In addition to being optimized for precise mouse control, this mousepad is MASSIVE. It’s big enough for your mouse and keyboard while also having area still visible to spice up your desk. The bottom of the mouse pad is anti-skid rubber, so it will stay in place.

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You can use either laser or optical gaming mice on the Corsair MM300 mousepad. There a few different color options available for the Corsair MM300. You can grab it in black, black with a yellow stripe, or a patterned design. The extended X-Large version that’s discounted for Cyber Monday is 9300 mm x 300 mm (366.1 in x 11.8 in), but there are also different sizes available.

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