Grab this amazing uninterrupted power supply before Cyber Monday ends

While some of the high-end 3D printers have power loss detection, most printers don’t, and even a split second of power loss can ruin a 20-hour print. I always make sure to have whichever printer is currently running plugged into an uninterrupted power supply just in case.

A UPS acts as a buffer between your printer and the mains power source, using a battery to keep your printer running through an outage. Of course, the length of the outage and the power of the battery will determine how long your printer will continue extruding without the mains supply, but they can go for a surprisingly long time.

The CyberPower Sinewave is an excellent choice for your UPS, and in the last few hours of Cyber Monday, it is over 50% off, making it just $130 for the 1500VA/900W version. That’s the same price as the low-end 850VA/510W, so it’s worth grabbing if you can.

Backup power

CyberPower Sinewave 1500

Keep your printers printing

The goal of a UPS is to keep you running when mains power fails you. The CyberPower Sinewave does that admirably.

I use one of these in my workshop out in the California desert, where power cuts happen regularly. Typically they are around ten minutes but have been known to go on for three or four hours. The CyberPower has kept up with all of them and kept my resin, and FDM printers, running the whole time smoothly. You can even connect them to your modem and router to help keep your network up and running too. It’s well worth buying one or two if you can.

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