Grab this 8-inch Galaxy Tab A for streaming Xbox games on the go

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If you’re a fan of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, this Cyber Monday deal might be for you.

I tend to prefer playing Xbox games via the cloud or console streaming on a tablet, for its larger display, and also to ensure phone calls or texts don’t interrupt the action. If you’re looking for a good, but cheap solution for portable Xbox gaming, this deal is amazing to get started. Yesterday we wrote about the excellent 10-inch Galaxy Tab A7 tablet offer for Black Friday, but this new deal on the Galaxy Tab A is even sweeter if you don’t mind losing a couple of inches.

8-inch Android tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8-inch)

A bigger xCloud screen

The 8-inch Galaxy Tab A is on sale for Cyber Monday, and at $99, it makes a great gift for a portable media entertainment device, or a great separate screen solution for Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows you to stream dozens of titles from the Xbox library to a compatible Android tablet, and in our roundup of best tablets for Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming, this one is top for value even when it’s not on sale. But at $99, this is an absurdly good deal.

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As an 8-inch tablet, it’s significantly larger than even the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, giving you far more screen real estate for reading e-books, watching movies, or, indeed, playing Xbox games on the go.

Xcloud Gears Pic

Source: Windows Central

I have one of these tablets myself, and it is generally my go-to tablet for playing games when I am away from my console. The tablet isn’t the most powerful out there. You may find that mobile games like PUBG or Fortnite don’t run particularly well when played natively, but for games that are streaming from the cloud, it works flawlessly.

Beyond gaming, this is also a nifty little tablet for Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Kindle e-books, and basically anything you might find yourself needing a tablet for. It’s well-constructed like most Samsung products, and hasn’t let me down. I wish I’d waited for this sale though!

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