Grab these last-minute Prime Day laptop charger deals for under $50

Amazon Prime Day is barrelling toward its conclusion, sweeping up every last stray dollar it can before going into hibernation for another year until it’s once again hungry for consumers’ souls. So, with the 2021 festivities ramping down, you have limited time to grab the goods you want at a better-than-average price.

That means if you want to save stacks of cash via the best Prime Day laptop charger and cable deals, you have to get in soon. The best Prime Day laptop deals are winding to a close, as are associated savings on chargers and cables. Ergo, spend that green in your pocket right now or forever hold your peace… until the next major sale, that is.

Idmix Charger

IDMIX Travel Charger | $13.20 off at Amazon

IDMIX’s travel charger is a triple threat: It’s a power bank and wall charger and comes equipped with a USB Type-C cable so that it’s ready to tackle any and all of your charging needs. It also features a 20000 mAh battery capacity, meaning your laptop won’t die on this charger’s watch.

$46.80 at Amazon

Belkin Thunderbolt

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Cable | $13.03 off at Amazon

Belkin’s cable will work with any Thunderbolt or USB-C device and can handle your 4K and 5K displays with ease. It channels 100W of power to keep your machine running just the way you want it to, and it’s 2.6 feet long, so it’ll reach most places that you need it to.

$26.96 at Amazon

Crave Powerhub Pro

Crave PowerHUB PRO | $10 off at Amazon

This charger has all the ports you’ll ever need for a price that you can be comfortable with. It has USB Type-C, Quick Charge (QC) 3.0, and 2.4A USB ports, meaning it can charge just about any device you throw at it.

$39.99 at Amazon

Aimpire Charger

AIMPIRE Dual Wireless Charger & Power Bank | $10 off at Amazon

15000 milliamp hours make this device a great choice if you need a mobile device charger. But you can also reap the benefits of it with your laptop, which you can use to refuel the charger. This is a bit of a reversal over the other gadgets listed here, which are meant to keep your laptop fully juiced, but if you have multiple mobile devices and not enough ports on your laptop to handle them all, this wireless and wired hybrid charger will save you from many a headache.

$39.99 at Amazon

Belkin Usb Chub Tethered Usb Cable Render

Belkin USB-C Hub with Tethered USB-C Cable | $50 off at Amazon

What do USB Type-C, USB Type-A 2.0, USB Type-A 3.0, HDMI, gigabit ethernet ports, and SD card readers have in common? They’re all in this 6-in-1 charger hub that’ll keep any laptop at peak operational capacity.

$49.99 at Amazon

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