Grab the Oculus Go back down to just $149

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If you’re fixing to start 2020 in the world of VR, the Oculus Go is a budget-friendly way to get involved. Now that it’s $50 off that’s even more the case.

Amazon: Oculus Go 32GB - Save $50
Amazon: Oculus Go 32GB – Save $50

This VR headset doesn’t need an expensive PC or a smartphone to run, as its computing power is all built-in. It’s also substantially cheaper than rival headsets, including the similarly cable-free but more powerful Oculus Quest.

With this big discount, it makes dipping your toes in the VR waters far more palatable. Be sure to check out our list of the best Oculus Go apps and games to fill out your library, too.

The Oculus Go finally got a big discount for Amazon Prime Day

In terms of content, there are over 1,000 apps and videos so you’re not going to be short of entertainment, and that number is always growing, too.

We gave this headset a stellar 4/5 review, stating: “The Oculus Go is a really fun, really simple VR headset that has given us just what we’ve been asking for. It elevates mobile VR rather than seeking to compete with high-end PC VR, with a strong – about to get stronger – app store, an impressive display for the price and a comfortable design. This isn’t VR at its most technically brilliant, but it could prove essential in taking virtual reality mainstream.”

Amazon: Oculus Go 32GB - Save $50
Amazon: Oculus Go 32GB – Save $50

Considering this is a surprising return of a Prime Day price, which itself was the first big discount, we’re not sure how long this discount will last. So you probably don’t want to miss out for a second time.

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