Grab Synology’s DS218j at a super-low price of £122 for today only

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If you’re on the fence for purchasing your first NAS, this DS218j from Synology is quite the deal right now for Black Friday. You’ll be able to pick up one of the entry-level models from the company’s NAS collection for just £122. What this server will allow you to do is create a home server where you can store all your personal files, stream media, and much more.

Unlike Synology’s traditional all-metal NAS design, the Synology DS218j is a slim, well-designed slab of plastic. It’s an enclosed chassis, rather than an open box with a removable drive bay. While this means you’ll need to take apart the case to access installed hard drives, it results in a clean overall look and is ideal for those who won’t frequently hot-swap drives.

Because it’s a relatively compact NAS, the power supply is not located within the unit. But that’s not something to complain about since it’s a small brick. There are no ports on the front — just your usual LED status indicator layout. The rear of the NAS houses the single fan, two USB 2.0 ports, LAN, as well as power input.

If this isn’t quite the NAS you’re looking for, we expect to see other Synology models — as well as NAS from other vendors — go on sale this Black Friday.

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