Grab Spotimo now, because it will be removed from the Microsoft Store soon

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Popular Spotify client Spotimo will be removed from the Microsoft Store soon. The app could be removed as quickly as the next day or two. Spotimo will continue to work following its removal from the Microsoft Store if you already have the app on your system.

Clients for popular services often run into issues similar to those that the developer of Spotimo faces. YouTube clients have been taken down in the past, and third-party software often runs into issues from large companies. In this case, Spotify submitted a content infringement claim to Microsoft, which will force the app to be removed from the Microsoft Store. Spotify did not explicitly state what they claimed the app infringed but sent the app’s developer a trademark listing for Spotify logos.

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Arlo, the developer behind Spotimo, reached out on Twitter to share his experience with this process. He shared emails to Spotify on Twitter, which try to explain why he feels the app should be able to stay in the Microsoft Store and that he is willing to work with Spotify to make sure the app meets compliance guidelines. Spotify responded with a message including trademarks of the Spotify logo.

As explained in Arlo’s email to Spotify and by Arlo directly to us, Spotimo will continue to work if you already have it on your PC. If you’d like to use it in the future, you should install it now.

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Spotimo takes the best design elements of Groove Music and integrates them with Spotify music streaming.


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