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Best microSD Cards for Surface Pro 6 Windows Central 2019

The latest Surface Pro 6 brings 8th Gen Intel Core processors and a new black color finish to a device that otherwise remains mostly the same from the 2017 Pro. That means you still have a microSD card reader with support for UHS-I speeds built into the Pro 6, ready to handle a bit of extra storage and quick transfers. If you don’t already have a microSD card lying around or you want to upgrade to a card that will make the most of the reader in the Pro 6, here are our top picks.

If we’re picking a microSD card

Adding storage to your Surface Pro 6 doesn’t have to happen before checkout. Thanks to the microSD card reader, you can carefully pick the right amount of storage, and save a good chunk of money in the process.

Samsung’s EVO Select is a reliable microSD option that comes at a very reasonable price. Thanks to a U3 rating you get read speeds up to 100 MB/s and write speeds up to 90 MB/s, and you’ll only pay about $20 for a 128GB card. You can go up to 512GB, which costs about $90. This is ideal if you’re planning on only using the microSD card with your Pro 6, as you’re not paying for unnecessary UHS-II performance.

If, however, you do plan on swapping the microSD card between devices that can handle UHS-II performance, Delkin’s 1900X is a better choice. It costs more at about $62 for a 64GB card, but you’ll be able to hit up to 300 MB/s read speeds when used with compatible UHS-II devices. Despite its UHS-II classification, it will work fine in your Pro 6, though at a reduced speed.

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