Grab Anker’s Q35 Bluetooth headphones with noise-cancelling down to $100

The Anker Soundcore Life Q35 active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are down to a low price of $99.99 through Newegg. You have to use the code 93XSK42 in your shopping cart to get the full discount. This is a Newegg Shell Shocker deal, though, so the code will only last for one day and the price will jump back up by this time tomorrow. The headphones sell for around $130 in most places, including Amazon and Best Buy. You can actually get them for $20 off at Amazon if you clip the on-page coupon, but that’s still not as good a deal as what Newegg is offering.

Anker Soundcore Q

Anker Life Q35 active noise-cancelling headphones | $30 off

A great pair of headphones if you want some noise-cancelling and Hi-Res Audio and don’t want to spend hundreds. The Q35 have great battery life, too, even with all of its features like Bluetooth.

$99.99 at Newegg

Let’s start with the really good stuff. The Q35 headphones have advanced active noise-cancelling. They have two microphones on each earcup that can detect and filter out all the distracting noises coming at you. The ANC even has multiple modes you can choose from based on what you’re doing to help you figure out just how much noise cancelling you need. Pick Transport, Outdoor, or Indoor for an experience tailored to your activities.

You also won’t need any wires thanks to the Bluetooth tech. The LDAC technology involved ensure a lossless experience so you’ll get fewer interuptions and your sound won’t suffer in quality just because everything is wireless. Plus the silk diaphragm drivers have a wider frequency range than previous generations, delivering sound that is Hi-Res Audio certified.

The design is also ergonomic and meant to last you a long time. The headphones are very lightweight and have memory foam padding so they’re comfortable every time you put them on. They’re even smart enough to pause whatever you’re listening to when you take the headphones off so you can continue right where you left.

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