Grab a Galaxy S24+ with free memory upgrade and screen protector

The Galaxy S24+ is one of our favorite Samsung phones of the year. And now might be the time to buy one if you’ve been waiting for a good deal. As part of the Discover Samsung Summer Sale, the Galaxy S24+ is now available with a free memory upgrade and screen protector.

Through this deal, the Galaxy S24+ with 512GB of storage costs the same as the 256GB model — $999 instead of $1,119. This discount is available without a trade-in, but if you want to exchange another phone for a lower price on the Galaxy S24+, you can save up to an extra $600.

Samsung has paired this free memory upgrade with another freebie. For a limited time, Galaxy S24+ buyers get an Anti-Reflecting Screen Protector for free, saving $29 in the process.

The Galaxy S24+ screen doesn’t have an anti-reflective finish, unlike the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which uses Gorilla Armor protection exclusively. But with this free screen protector, you can protect the Galaxy S24+ from display damage and make the panel easier to read in very bright conditions.

Aside from Gorilla Armor, Samsung’s Galaxy S24+ has an even better display than the Galaxy S24 Ultra, boasting the same brightness, refresh rate, and resolution but a completely flat design and a higher pixel density.

Grab your Galaxy S24+ with a free memory upgrade and screen protector today, and you also have the option to save on earbuds and smartwatches if you bundle them with the phone. Hit the buy button below for more details.

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