Got a new Xbox One? These are the first 10 things you need to buy

The Xbox One is an awesome system by itself, but the maturing console has a range of accessories that can help elevate your general experience. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most important addons you should consider for your shiny new Xbox. Let’s get started.

Source: Xbox Game Studios

Augment your Xbox

If you pick up just ONE add-on this list, you have to consider Xbox Game Pass. The Netflix-style subscription service instantaneously adds hundreds of games to your Xbox console, and if you pick up Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it also comes with Xbox Live Gold for online play, giving you four free games per month in addition to exclusive discounts. It’s absolutely a win-win-win subscription service that seems almost too good to be true once you have it. For long-time users like myself, you may already own most of the games in the catalog, but if you’re a newcomer, it’s absolutely sublime.

Our top pick for additional Xbox hardware accessories is the excellent Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. They start at just $50, and are often on sale for even less. Adding this into your Xbox One experience gives you a range of additional control over your console experience, which when combined with the IR blaster can give you additional commands over your TV itself. By simply saying “Xbox, volume up,” “Xbox, turn off,” “Xbox, launch Call of Duty,” and hundreds of additional commands, the amazing Amazon Echo is the most game-changing accessory for the Xbox One today.

One easily affordable accessory you should also consider is the PowerA MOGA clip for Xbox controllers. The MOGA clip fits snugly onto your Xbox controller, and allows you to dock all sorts of mobile devices for more ergonomic play. It’s cheap and easy to use, and high-quality for long-term usage.

Finally, grabbing additional storage can’t hurt. The Seagate storage range starts at $60, although you can use basically any USB storage device compatible with Windows on your Xbox. Simply plug it in, and the Xbox will detect it and format it as appropriate.

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