Google’s new program will make cross-device user experience better

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Google has been overly aggressive in enabling new experience on smartphones with other devices taking a back seat. Now for all things Android, right from Wear OS to Google TV and from Android TV to Android Auto and beyond; experience across platforms is slated to become smoother and more convenient for developers, users alike. To this accord, Google has kick-started a new program – for app developers – to enable them to better develop apps across all its devices.

Called the Play Media Experience program, it will facilitate developers to design apps that work across the spectrum of Google devices, irrespective of their form factor. The globally launched program is believed to specifically work in favor of audio, video and book apps.

The new program is expected to get more apps developers to ultimately make cross-device user experience over Android TV, Wear OS, Google TV and other platforms smoother and jitter-free. Google has extended 15-percent fee offer for developers that sign up for improving cross-device user experience.

Primarily, the video app integration is going to be a big impetus. This will allow video content integration across Android TV, Google TV and Google’s casting platform, making content recommendation, discovery and prompt sign-ups possible, which the youth that switches between platforms during the course of the day will come to rejoice.

Similarly, better integration of apps between the Google devices will also make music streaming more convenient when switching between platforms. Giving boost to reading, Google is demanding third-party developers to deliver book apps that work with foldable phones, tablets and other such large screen entertainment options.

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