Google’s first foldable phone is reportedly getting delayed to 2023

Google’s response to the Galaxy Z Fold series might not come to the market this year. Unfortunately for foldable phone enthusiasts, Google has reportedly delayed the release of the so-called Pixel Notepad foldable phone until 2023.

Following the pushback, the first foldable phone from Google is now reportedly scheduled to hit the market next spring. (via @DSCCRoss)

For Samsung, this can be both good and bad news. On the positive side, if the report is true, Samsung’s mobile business as well as the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 won’t face any real competition in the foldable segment this year. At least, not from Google.

On the other hand, Samsung Display could now have lower expectations for foldable panel shipments for 2022. Samsung Display is reportedly Google’s primary (and perhaps only) supplier of foldable display panels, and if Google won’t release a foldable phone this year, that could mean fewer panel shipments for Samsung Display.

It’s too early to tell, and there are plenty of unfounded speculations flying around as to why Google could have delayed its first foldable phone to spring 2023.

Is it a matter of supply chain shortages? Quality control? Software hurdles? Nobody knows, but whatever the case may be, the foldable phone market might have one fewer model to offer this year.

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