Google’s first foldable phone is M.I.A. but could go official in Q1 2023

Google unveiled its new Pixel 7 smartphones today, but there was no mention of the company’s first foldable phone. The so-called Pixel Notepad (tentative name) won’t be coming to the market this year. But according to the most recent reports, Google hasn’t given up on the idea of competing with Samsung in the foldable phone segment. So, when can we expect the foldable Pixel device to become official?

The last time we heard about the alleged plans for the foldable Pixel device, word on the street was that Google plans to release it in the spring of 2023. Although precise launch details remain unclear, @DSCCRoss has shed a bit more light on the matter. According to the source, panel shipments for the foldable Google device should start in January, and the company may release the device sometime in Q1 2023.

Not a lot is known about Google’s mysterious foldable phone, but previous reports said Samsung Display is the main panel supplier, which means that the so-called Pixel Notebook should have some Galaxy Fold DNA. However, as far as the overall design is concerned, the Google foldable device might have more in common with devices such as the Oppo Find N.

For now, Google and its fans are focused on the latest Pixel 7 lineup unveiled today. Nevertheless, with Android 12L now being a thing, the groundwork for foldable phones has already been done, thanks to Samsung’s ambitions to continue releasing new foldable phones every year since 2019. Without Samsung, Android 12L wouldn’t have existed. But now that it’s real, Google should try to take advantage of it next year.

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