Google’s Art Transfer feature turns pictures to works of art

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If you’re getting sort of bored with just endlessly watching TikTok videos or binge-watching on Netflix, Google is giving you a fun new way to while away your time while you’re sheltering in place. Art Transfer is a new feature in the several underrated Google Arts & Culture app which will let you turn any photo into a work of art. Or rather, add characteristics of the most famous works of art in the world to make your picture more interesting.

If you have the Google Arts & Culture app, open the camera menu at the bottom bar and you’ll see the new Art Transfer button at the top. You can take a photo of yourself or any object or upload a photo you’ve previously taken. You can then choose from the various famous art masterpieces like from Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Frieda Kahlo, Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, etc. You can then choose if it’s the whole image or just which part of the image you want to transform.

The app will then transfer the style of the art or artist you chose onto your picture. While it’s doing that, there’s even some trivia or tidbit about the artwork that you can read while waiting. It’s a very quick wait though. It is powered by an algorithmic model created by Google AI so it doesn’t just blend two things or overlay your image but it gives a unique algorithmic recreation of the photo you uploaded and the style you chose.

All of this actually doesn’t happen in a cloud or somewhere on the Internet but right on your device. So if you’re worried about your photo being stolen or something, have no fear. It’s just between you and your phone. Well, of course, when you share the photo on your social media because it seems so cool, that’s another thing. But when being processed on the app itself, it’s just on your device.

Google is of course curious about all the different art that you create when you use Art Transfer. You can share the results as a photo or as a GIF and use the hashtag #ArtTransfer. Again, if you haven’t downloaded the Google Arts & Culture app, you should right now. There are tons of art-related things you can do there, including virtually visiting museums.

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