Google’s app review process may take 7 days or longer

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Google has previously shared their efforts in not just providing us with the best information during this COVID-19 pandemic situation but also in taking care of their employees. They have adopted a work from home policy when possible and adjusted the work schedule in some of their offices. However, it will have an effect on the way they do their business and one of the consequences now is that the Google Play Store app review will take 7 days or maybe even longer.

Google released a statement saying that because of their “adjusted work schedules”, there will be longer than usual review times for newly submitted apps or for those submitting app updates. You’ll see the warning on your Google Play Console so you should be aware that it may take 7 days or longer for any of your submissions to get reviewed and approved. If you are asked to edit or change anything, then it will take you another 7 days or so again after you submit the edited app or update.

Previously, Google took 3 days to review submitted apps and updates. Eventually, they changed the Play Console documentation to state that it might take up to 7 days. But because of all that’s happening right now, 7 days is now the minimum “buffer period” that we can expect so app developers will have to adjust their timelines accordingly especially if they’re trying to release something useful or entertaining for those who can just stay inside.

Aside from submitting a new app, it’s unclear what triggers an app review. Updates for certain categories of apps are reviewed by Google, especially those pertaining to children. But there are also some “benign” categories that trigger reviews but there seems to be no official policy on that so it may be just a random check on app updates.

In any case, we can’t really complain about these 7 days or more review process because of the extraordinary circumstances that all of us find ourselves in. All app developers and publishers can do is adjust timelines and deadlines when needed.

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