Google working on “Switch to Android” app for iOS

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For those who will be making a life change at least device-wise, it looks like Google will try to make your life a bit easier. They are reportedly developing a new iOS app called “Switch to Android” which does what its name says. It should be able to copy your important data and supposedly even bring over your apps from your iPhone to your new Android device. For those who were still on the fence about switching because of the hassle of transferring your data, this may be the one to push them to finally make the move.

According to 9 to 5 Google, there is an update to Android’s “Data Restore Tool”, which restores your data from your old Android to a new Android phone. Version 1.0.382048734 has mentions of a “Switch to Android” app that will be for iOS devices. This is similar to the “Move to iOS” app that Apple developed for Android users that will be switching to iPhones. There are instructions as well that’s spotted on the strings in the update.

The Switch to Android app will use a local WiFi network to facilitate the transfer from your iPhone to your Android phone instead of using a cable. You’ll need to enter some passwords to make sure it’s transferring to the right device. It’s also worth noting that it mentions that the apps from your iPhone will also be copied to your new Android phone. However, it’s unclear how that can happen especially if it’s a paid app since you’ll have to buy the Android version as well.

Currently, the steps to transferring your data from one to another is still a bit tedious and inconvenient. You will have to back up all your data from your iPhone to your Google Drive account. Then you’ll have to download it from the Drive to your new phone. However, it will only back up important data and your photos but not the apps or other data that is not directly backed up. So having an app that will supposedly transfer everything will be highly convenient.

The Switch to Android app is not yet available on the App Store but it will probably be there soon. It will most likely be approved since the Move to iOS app has been on the Google Play Store for years.

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