Google will acquire Fitbit, plans “Made by Google” smart wearables

It’s official – Google will acquire Fitbit. The big takeaway from the press release is that the search giant will introduce be “Made by Google” wearable devices as a result of this move.

The company reaffirmed its commitment to the Wear OS platform, even though it has been years and there still isn’t a “Pixel watch”. Well, that will change soon. No telling how soon, of course, this announcement just covers the signing of an agreement to acquire Fitbit – it’s too early to talk about hardware.

But the path is clear, Fitbit’s focus on health and wellness will be joined with Google’s own efforts in this field and enhanced with AI smarts to ensure you always have relevant info available at a glance.

Google will acquire Fitbit, plans ''Made by Google'' smart wearables

Google knows that privacy is an issue, especially for something that’s with you 24/7 and even tracks your sleep. The company promises to be transparent about what data is collected and why. Also, data from Fitbits will not be used for targeted ads. Still, current Fitbit users will have the option to review, more or delete their data after the acquisition.

Anyway, Google hopes that the improved hardware and software that will be developed as it works hand-in-hand with the wearables experts from Fitbit will benefit the whole Wear OS ecosystem and the other companies that use it.


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