Google wants to match Apple’s privacy changes

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Google may be busy with numerous businesses, products, and services but it still has its limitations. It can’t be perfect and can’t be everything to everyone. We believe it will continue to improve on its products and processes especially if its rivals are doing very well or also improving. At the upcoming Google I/O 2021, we can expect the tech giant to make important announcements. One important topic is about privacy as the company has been making a number of initiatives that are said to improve privacy of the consumers.

Android will be introducing new privacy controls. This seems to be a response to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency and other related progams. Of course, we believe Android doesn’t just do something only when Apple introduces a new product or service. Any improvement or update is always welcome especially if it’s for the Android community.

The changes are for users to be able to easily access settings or menus that restrict the permissions of apps. This may include access to one’s location or a camera. We value the improvement but people are saying it won’t match the App Tracking Transparency effort of Apple.

Apparently, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency forces apps to ask users for permission to track activities. Apple is transparent that it will be for marketing purposes. Google is also looking to increase privacy but the efforts may not be enough.

While Apple prevents targeted ads, Google is said to still allow advertisers to target ads. Privacy tweaks will be made but may be not as effective. We still believe Google’s intentions—that it wants to limit how app developers track the billions of Android users. Let’s wait and see what privacy-related announcements Google or the Android team will announce this week at the tech event.

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