Google TV mobile app Material You redesign released

Recently, Google pushed the Material You design to a bunch of its apps, including Android Auto, Nearby Share, and Google Search. It is now time for the Google TV mobile app on your Samsung Galaxy device and other Android smartphones to get the Material You redesign.

The Google TV mobile app Material You makeover (via 9To5Google) brings a new bottom bar. It is taller and also includes pill-shaped indicators to highlight the tab that you are currently viewing. Moreover, the menu bar is completely overhauled. The search bar spreads across the entire width of the mobile app. The “Google TV” moniker remains at the center of the search field and does not disappear or show search hints like in other apps.

In the search field, there are the cast and profile buttons as well. Previously, in order to search, you were required to hit the magnifying glass or search icon at the top left. But now, you can tap anywhere on the top of your screen to search within the app. The rounded rectangles are also available for various elements of the Google TV mobile app.

The dynamic color theme is missing, but the app’s color scheme has been changed. A lighter gray background is now applied through the app, prominently visible on the bottom bar. The background, which was previously completely black, now has shades of gray. On tablets, the new Material You M3 navigation rail brings a modern look to the Google TV mobile app.

Google TV mobile app’s Material You redesign is not widely available yet, and it will take some time to hit every device. Moreover, it looks to be a server-side update alongside version 4.37.20.

Google TV Material You Design Tablet

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