Google Translate app updated with real-time speech translation

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Google Translate Real Time

The idea has been on our heads for some time now but there is no way for us to add it to the Google Translate app. We’re no devs but good thing the Google team thought of this feature. Using the Google Translate app on a mobile device is now more useful as it can translate a speech in real-time. This makes travel or meeting another person who speaks a different language easier. Just launch the app and read the translation.

Don’t expect a perfect translation every time. There is no such thing but you will understand the other person’s speech. It’s a guarantee. It’s just like using Google Translate on the web that allows you to understand the context of the words.

Speech being transcribed as it is being spoken can be very helpful especially if you’re in a different country. Of course, that’s something we can’t all do right now but in the future, when it’s already allowed, Google may have improved the Translate app and the software that does the translation.

Only a few languages can be transcribed by the Google Translate app in real-time according to Google. The nine languages you can understand soon are as follows: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, and Hindi.

Check your Google Translate app on Android and update it to the newest version. Click on the “Transcribe” icon you see on the screen, select source, and destination language. For easier reading of the translation, choose the dark theme or edit the text size.

The Google Translate app can only work in a quiet environment. For now, the app can “listen” to only one person at a time.

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