Google Tasks may soon be integrated with Google Calendar

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One of the things that Google users have been requesting is to have the new-ish Google Tasks integrated with all the other Google productivity apps to make it a seamless process. Well we did get that with Gmail previously and now it looks like Google Calendar is the next one to follow. They have actually been working on the task integration for some time now but a recent teardown has spotted the feature and can actually be manually triggered if you know how.

Google Tasks was launched back in April 2018 and is a basic to-do list app. While there are of course a lot of better ones out there, if you’re into the whole Google eco-system, then you will probably find it more useful especially once the integrations are complete. The folks at XDA Developers were able to see the Tasks integration in Calendar in the latest app teardown. This includes a new task button, creating repeating tasks, task descriptions, etc.

When they were able to manually trigger the integration, a task button has been added to the plus button, alongside the Goal, Reminder, and Event. After creating a new task, you can choose the date and whether or not you want it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or to customize it. It will appear in your Calendar similar to how how reminders look now in the calendar view.

So you won’t be confused with all the events, goals, reminders, and now tasks, you can set up a different accent color and even a different notification sound for your tasks. Even better, you don’t have to install the stand-alone Tasks app to add and view the basics. You will only have to open (or install) the Tasks app if you open the task view and then tap on the View in Tasks action.

Since they’re now in the testing phase and you can actually manually trigger it, then the final version is imminent. We will have to wait for the official announcement and then the roll-out of the update.

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