Google Tasks makes it easier to switch between lists

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There are a lot of pretty robust to-do lists and productivity apps out there but if you’re deep into the Google ecosystem, Google Tasks may be something that you use. There have been a lot of improvements to the app in the past couple of years although it still can’t compare to the likes of, Trello, Todoist, etc. But the new things they’re doing are steps in the right direction. The newest update lets you easily manage the different lists you may have on your Tasks.

Google announced on its Workspace blog that the update to the Tasks app sees it getting a tabbed interface where you can see all the different lists that you’ve created and the tasks under them. Previously, you could already create lists but you would be able to access them from the hamburger menu at the bottom right of the screen. The UI was also a bit “clunky” so it wasn’t as easy to manage and switch between lists, especially if you had a lot.

When your app is updated, you’ll see the lists in a tabbed format at the top of your screen. You can tap on the name of the list to move to it or you can swipe left and right to move between your lists. It’s much easier than going to the bottom hamburger menu right now. That seems to be the only new thing in the latest update but it should be useful for those who are dependent on the Tasks app to note all the different lists and tasks they have to finish.

There are of course still a lot of things that can be improved with the Tasks app. Even Google Keep is sometimes better as a list-keeping app even though its primary purpose is for notes. It would be great to see more integrations with other Google apps on mobile as well as other features that are common to productivity apps. For now, though, the barebones approach seems to be working for some users who just want to work within Google apps.

The updated Tasks app is available to all Google Workspace users, G Suite Basic, and Business customers. The rollout has already started but it can take up to 16 days for feature visibility.

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