Google still struggling to keep your location private

Google Android Privacy Data Location

Privacy of one’s location has always been an issue. There are plenty of measures to ensure your location and other data are kept privacy but sadly, it’s not always the case when it comes to mobile. You can do things to give you peace of mind but nothing is 100% foolproof. Android is trying to keep things safe for most people but we doubt if Google devs are able to keep their promise. Best efforts are being made but hackers are still everywhere.

Court documents are the source of the information we’re sharing. It’s not clear how location privacy are being kept private but we’re learning it is impossible. User can’t keep location privacy. The subject had something to do with the Arizona’s attorney general’s filing of lawsuit over the company’s practice on data collection.

Last year, Google was sued by Arizona for its data collection practices. According to the lawsuit, Google kept on collecting location data from phones. This happened even when the Android users have already disabled data sharing.

No should mean no but that’s not the case with Android phones. Google was deceiving the users and Android OEMs–allegedly. The issue of privacy, it appears, isn’t really private.

Location data are still gathered by using WiFi location. This is according to Google’s very own employees. Data are also gathered by third-party apps not exactly part of Google. Privacy settings are also more difficult to find now.

Hopefully, Android 12 will be better. Google is hoping to address issues with the release of Android 12 that is supposedly more private and secure as the tech giant continues to improve on this area. Google is trying. Just recently, we learned it wanted to match Apple’s privacy changes.

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