Google Stadia team hosts Reddit AMA a week before market release

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The only Reddit AMA sessions we would feature here were those with OnePlus and the Essential team back when their products were hot subjects. The Google Stadia team went to Reddit to discuss with consumers and future Stadia users their concerns and tried their best to answer the questions even for a limited time. The AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session was held yesterday and hosted by the StadiaOfficial account. Andrey Doronichev, Director of Product for Stadia, started the discussion and was later joined by other members of his team.

Stadia will be available beginning next week. The Stadia team is busy especially this week preparing for the market released. A lot has been said about the new gaming platform. We showed you Google Stadia games available at launch. The Stadia app was made available for download from the Play Store. We’re also looking forward to Google Stadia supporting more Pixel phones and platforms.

The Stadia team has shared a number of links to videos and information about the gaming platform like tips on how to buy and cast games, how to setup the Stadia controller, and how to cast to any Chromecast Ultra TV. Here’s how to launch games and join games with friends through the Stadia controller.

Here are some highlights of the AMA session:

• The estimated delivery date depends on when the order was placed. You can check gStore and see Order History. The delivery date is listed there. Wait for the activation email that you will be receiving once order ships.

Google Stadia will officially go live on November 19, 2019, Tuesday, at 9AM PST. The activation code should work immediately.

• When it comes to features, the rollout will be gradual as with other Google products and services. You will get to enjoy ‘Play the Game on your biggest screen’ first. Games will also be added slowly depending if they support Stream Connect, State Share, and Crowd Play. New stuff will be added every week after the launch.

• A smartphone is not needed every time you use and connect Google Stadia. It is only needed for initial setup and purchasing new games. To play, simply get the controller and press the Stadia button.

• When asked about the Google Assistant features, as with most Google Home devices, the Stadia can “hear” commands and “do” things for you. You can ask the device or any other Assistant-powered gadget to launch a game for you on Stadia.

Read the complete AMA session HERE.

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