Google Stadia on Android TV happening soon

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Google Stadia Android TV

When Google Stadia was first introduced last year, we noted that the gaming platform would come to Android TV this year via Android 11. Well, Android 11 has arrived although it’s still in Beta mode, but we haven’t heard any mention of Stadia integration, at least, not yet. We never doubted that it will happen but today, we can say it’s possible. Android TV now allows Google Stadia which means if you use Android TV, you can enjoy playing Stadia games.

Google Stadia works with the Chromecast Ultra so it’s not surprising that it also works on Android TV. Google Stadia’s latest update to 2.19 generally allows any Android device to run the Stadia system. This includes other Android phones and Android TV devices.

The Stadia app can run on Android TV. You can use your Stadia account on almost any Android TV model provide that you have a game controller, a mouse, and the knowledge and ability to sideload Stadia’s APK.

This is still in its experimental stage. If you have a Stadia controller and are willing to help Google, you can get the app for Android TV, run it, and test if you can play games. The mouse is a requirement because you’ll need it during the sign-in prompt.

Things don’t seem final yet but Google Stadia for Android TV already works. It needs a lot of fine-tuning but games run without any problem. Feel free to check it out yourself and see the improvements and new features.

You can also check the wireless controller support, mobile touch controls, and the new games you can play on Stadia with or without a Pro account. In the near future, Stadia may also get 4K TV support and Google Assistant integration.

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