Google Stadia may come to Android TV next year via Android 11

Google Stadia cloud gaming

The future of game streaming and cloud gaming is becoming clearer now that the likes of Google are also venturing in the new arena. Stadia was introduced back in March as a new cheat-proof and cloud-based video game platform by the tech giant. It wasn’t clear then but the press conference held ahead of E3 2019 definitely was enough to give us a picture of the new system. Just last month, a Google Stadia list of confirmed launch games available were posted.

Google Stadia would support Pixel 3 series and multiplayer gaming. If you’ve pre-ordered for a Stadia controller on the Google Store, you’d be happy to know the device is almost ready.

The latest we know about the system is that it is coming to Android TV by next year. There is no public confirmation yet but it may arrive with Android 11 R. The information was simply shared by a source who attended the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.

Google shared its Android TV roadmap for 2020 and 2021. A representative shared “ATV continues to bring to partners free innovation at an accelerated pace”. Stadia integration was given focus as it is a possibility for cloud gaming service to advance. Here are some features to look forward too: Assistant for Operators GA, Assistant farfield reference designs, better x-device targeting, Hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX, and expandable homescreen.

Google Stadia integration brings the cloud gaming service. It doesn’t require much but the Stadia controller, Internet connection, and access to games. It will be accessing Google cloud servers. In the future, the gaming service will extend to more Android TVs and smartphones. We’ll probably see it in the next Android 11 OS.

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